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Our Mission

At The Local Publication, we are on a mission to strengthen the sense of community in upscale neighborhoods across the USA. While also creating meaningful work opportunities in each community with our Publishing Director opportunity.

Who We Are
Founded with passion and a commitment to community building, The Local Publication is a private monthly magazine tailored for, by, and about the residents in some of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the country. We take pride in being the heartbeat of each exclusive community, showcasing the stories, events, and voices that make your locality truly exceptional. In an era dominated by digital distractions, we believe in fostering genuine connections among local residents, creating a platform that reflects the unique essence of each affluent community we serve with our monthly magazines sent by USPS created for by and about the residents themselves.

What Sets Us Apart
In an increasingly digital world, where face-to-face interactions are becoming rarer, The Local Publication strives to be the bridge that brings residents in the most affluent communities together. Our monthly reader-resident-driven content has resonated well with the community since they created it. A shared space where neighbors can connect, share experiences, and spotlight the richness of local life and its residents. A monthly paper (not digital ) magazine is delivered monthly to each mailbox. The residents LOVE it. 🙂

A Platform for Local Businesses
Recognizing the importance of community support, we provide local businesses in upscale neighborhoods with a unique opportunity to stand out. While established businesses face the challenge of maintaining visibility, we position them as community supporters rather than mere solicitors. Through our pages, newer businesses looking for awareness as credibility will build relationships and become an integral part of the community narrative, fostering lasting relationships with the local community.

Join Us in Strengthening Community
Become a part of The Local Publication community team as a local Publishing Director or a Business advertiser and experience the difference of a publication that truly understands and values the essence of bringing more community to your area. 

Our Team


Wesley Goddard

Publisher / Owner

Pete Goddard.jpg

Pete Goddard

Publishing Director


Rex Mulholland

Creative Director

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